Still lower to the ground but high on living

oh i think my secondary school mates knows me best (atleast) because honestly my classmates dont. they think they can mess around with me. please take note that when i am darn serious, i am serious and i won’t joke. i may be the type thats always chilling and laid back and happy go lucky all the time but i’m not always like that. i’m always holding back because i know if i let it out, the friendships will be strained. so, please when i am serious, be serious with me too. don’t joke with me. you don’t know my real state. what you see me now is not really the real me.

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I got the best damn band in the music scene but i could also flow solo…

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23 July 2014; Wednesday

5 days to hari raya. how fast time flies. finally cleaning up my room slowly. vacuumed it properly unlike my bro omg.

anyway, woke up at 9.30 and showered. it rained when i was at yewtee. waited more than 10mins i guess for the train. so pissed off because i was perspiring. walked to school but had to climb the frickin bridge because it was raining. kinda drenched due to the wind blow. got to know i was the earliest. saw mark inside the class, but kinda shy cuz i am the only girl. so i went to the toilet and such and sat outside and such. only when everyone came, only then i entered.

filming was shit because i was the one handling the sound. boom pole was light but heck it became heavier as time passes by. dont know how many times my ears got shocked because i didnt know which mic was on so whenever someone is talking, it was loud through the headphones ahahahahah.

then mark came in to assist. he asked me to listen to any sound i said no, theres nothing. but he insist my ear has something wrong but when he heard it, he realizes that the mic was the faulty one and that my ears were able to detect that it was faulty and he didnt believe me?!? omg.

so afterwards, azmi did all the editing and i laid down on the class floor which was carpeted. it was  frigging cold. even with my denim jacket it didnt help at all.

then suddenly the girls suggested to do this hamburger thing where everyone lies on top of each other. i swear i think i was gonna die. i cant breathe momentarily. but it was fun hell fun. and then it was 4.30 and mark had to go for ut so we did it again ahhahahaha.

went to jem bcuz i wanted to buy drink but end up buying this beautiful watch and bracelet…………….. ahhhhhh damage done. buts its ok, for raya.

ok kbye

oh got scared that my laptop couldnt be switched on because earlier someone dropped a can of drink on my laptop so i was shocked. but there wasnt anything. then in class there was still half batt left but when i wanna go home, it was switched off so i thought maybe its dead and went home to charged it. but i couldnt even on it. there wasnt any light blinking when i was charging. i panicked and wanted to cry. but my classmates was like “open the battery and then reinsert it” and struggled to take off the battery but once i did it, everything turn on. i was so happy when i saw the light omg. i was really scared because this is my mom’s money…….

left with 3 weeks with mark and no more ayumi. :’(

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     personalwise      mark hoon u da best

22 July 2014; Tuesday

21 July 2014; Monday

supposed to update this yesterday but i had 2 hours sleep and survived the day without sleeping in class so the moment i had my break fast and hour later, i knocked out on the bed and only woke up at around 3am and then rushed my rj due at 9am thank god. i was so tired i fell asleep when firdaus was explaining the 6p LOL.

OH and also, the lesson was so dry it was boring and everyone was practically brain dead because of media UT which i think i screw up pretty mehhhh. also i got the 6p from mark quite late?! he only send it to me on sunday 1pm and i didnt use my laptop until it was 12am and only saw that. bloodyhell. but he said that he has tried to send it to me using his rp email but server died so he send it to me via his personal work email. i wanted to rage but then the fact he took the time to actually take note of my student id number then use his gmail account to send it to me, well i will appreciate his effort then.

Anyway i almost bumped into the cute guy heh but no i didnt because i still have my conscience. HAHAHHA okbye.

22 July

so for the first time, i am marked present for maths eventhough i was tiny weeny late for 3 minutes i guess? fun lesson today eventhough it was tad confusing but still manage to breeze through without help especially without help from hasif. even hasif was confused LOL. so break time, spent the 2 hours just chatting and discussing which is so not me because i always spend the 2 hours sleeping or watching running man but no i didnt. they were discussing abt jalan raya and wanted to ask the class along and im like wtf?! can you please spare a thought for mothers?!

so played some hangman. after that has some games and it was funnnnn. struggled for mock UT which i got an F for it HA HA. went home with the girls. reached home and took a nap. and here i am typing this.

oh by the was, YES album has been on repeat since morning on spotify. am in love. everywhere, quiet and out of your hands is my new fav. i cant.

oh ya cute guy, stop looking at me when im trying to look at you man. so fucking cute i cant. omg.

mark’s lesson tomorrow. burden

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Teen quotes

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Same-age Chingu Jiyoung & Jongkook
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19 July 2014; Saturday

so basically i slept at 3am before waking up at 5am for sahur and then proceeding into rushing my rj and slept at around 6.30am. Had a plan to meet with the girls and go shoot some stuff but i woke up damn late like 11am and quickly rushed my way to the airport. Slept in the train for an hour again.

Airport has one of the nicest ambiance to shoot. The lighting is awesome and the people you observe and to shoot is just nice. So many emotions. Strangers and strangers. My kind of thing.

I’m falling in love

with this canon 60d, and monday is the returning day and i dwanna part with it:( im so sad.

nice shots with 50mm f/1.4. in love with the lens. in loveeeeee.

i need a dslr. like really. finally i know how to use manual and not auto. i finally put my knowledge from media’s module into good use. i’m so happy. played around with the ISO and aperture and learnt something new every time.

i want a dslr for my 18th birthday. thanks.

oh came home to only go out again for iftar. saw a 70d kit at challenger shop, it was around 2k+. In love again. Scanned through hard disk and thumbdrives. Hard disk are so goddarn expensive and i cant afford that tiny piece of shit URGH.

been doing my UT assignment and finally done with it after much procrastination. Now, im researching for the final phase of the UT. FUCKING ESSAY.

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this is why the world is beautiful, maybe its just me but i find this cool as fuck

"Your kid says hi." -The sun

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Just received my size 50 knitting needles in the mail, and I’m pretty sure these are weapons, not craft making tools


The cat’s face

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Fasting and furious 5

When it’s almost Iftar time and you’re not home

The Eid for speed

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