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20 October 2014; Monday

First day of school for new semester. Fuck my life. But I woke up kinda early?? It was 9.15 class but I was up by 6.45am. Weird. Anyway still kinda late when I reached class. Felt so weird not being in e45b

Reached class and got to know im in the same class as azmi. Fml. Its already bad enough im in the same class as him again but groupmate on a freaking monday?!?!?!?! Damn. But yeah thank god la cuz I talk to him easily and he was like poking my arms asking me why am I so quiet. Obviously its the first day right.

So jiemin got her hair cut into bob length and it look so damn pretty on her. I kept admiring her face. Shes so pretty. Idk man shes my girl crush hahahahaa.

Then during break, I compliment her hair and she suddenly exclaimed to me “eh u lost weight! So skinny now! I was shocked when you came in just now!” And i avoid her exclamation because really I admit I lost 2kg during the 6 week break but LOL IM STILL FLUFFY UNDERNEATH. SEE MY TUMMY MAN. I WANNA SLICE IT MAN. But yay ok atleast someone acknowledge thebfact that i lost weight unlike my parents who keep saying im fat.

But I can guarantee you that this school week, I will lose even more because my eating habit is weird and I rarely eat. So yeah. Unhealthy I know but im always so tired yeah.

Class ended 2:15 for mondays and wednesdays and life is awesome. But it was a really dry lesson. I was zoning in and out. Now I miss firdaus lesson. And all the other facis.

During break I saw Steven, my cognitive module faci and the first thing he said to me was “I still remember the way you run *laughs*”. Asshole. Out of so many things. Hahahahaha. Then after school rushed home cause I wanna go swimming. Only found out that pool is temporarily closed due to lightning risk. Fuck you. Waited for an hour before everything’s fine and swim for 1.5hours and dead tired.

Now my nose is runny, im extremely hungry, I have 8.30am class tomorrow and I wanna die. Fuck

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correct answer: denmark

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School in 8 hours.


6 weeks just went by just like that.


I shall countdown to the next long hols in dec.


I wanna cry. Im so socially awkward help. But back to updating about my personal life again HAHAHAHA

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everything personal

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A photo I’d normally crop, but…. omg the cat’s head. I…. had no idea he was there at the time.

I can’t stop laughing

photo catheadhaha2.jpg


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One direction are filmed high: *world wide newspapers report it, world nearly ends*

Justin Bieber spotted smoking weed: *#cutforbieber, girls scream, world ends*

Jason Mraz openly talks about smoking marujana to a live audience: *fans laugh woop and applaud realising how fucking brilliant this family is*

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our friend noah

almost got mugged today

they were like “give us your money”

and he literally was like “no thanks?” and WALKED AWAY

and it worked


me and my friend were walking down the street and she had her phone in her back pocket and she felt someone take it and she immediately turned around, grabbed his arm, and said “phone.” and he just gave it back


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